Chocolates!  Tell me one person on this earth who doesn’t like chocolates. As the famous saying goes, “God gave angels wings and he gave humans chocolates”, God has definitely been generous to mankind and I am sure He too must be jealous of us. Who can resist the chocolates, its aroma, its beauty, its allure, its texture? Definitely not me!

I love chocolates – dark, gourmet, Belgian, milk, truffles, all of it! Never thought this love and passion for chocolate would lead me to create unique chocolates that looked as good as they tasted. And thus I named my little chocolate venture Tastebuds. I started this journey a year back with a small workshop on chocolate tempering and never looked back. This little venture of mine caters to yummy home made chocolates that add that exceptional sweetness to special moments, family celebrations, corporate events and gifting. I have enjoyed every bit of it – learning and making assorted handcrafted chocolates. From simple plain chocolates to ganache filled chocolates, I can make them all and have them all. :-)




Christmas Special Chocolates from Tastebuds



Santa-Christmas-Tastebuds Chocolate


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