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It’s been a while since my last post… have been a bit too busy with professional commitments. But, all in good fun of course!

This post too has been pending for quite some time. A few months back I got a chance to go on a Fashion shoot. A friend of mine, Nosh Mather has been planning for this shoot since last January. Apparently, we sit right next to each other in office. Hence I am the first one to know or peep into his thoughts and imagination. The day he narrated the concept of this shoot, I was so thrilled, that I coerced him to drag me along with him in his journey to ‘A day in the life of a Muse’. What amused me was the preparation that went into planning and executing the shoot. Nosh has an eye for detail. From the flooring to the curtains, lighting to wall colour, make up to shoes, Nosh has dealt with each aspect of the shoot meticulously, with utmost care and detailing. The antique furniture, the unfinished jewellery, the vintage candle stands and the hand painted masks were just apt for the concept.


This indoor studio shoot was styled around capturing the candid moments of a new age woman who has an evening revelry to attend. All she wants is to impress her date. Twisting and turning on bed, she pulls herself to get dressed to the occasion. With his fascination of capturing emotions rather than just poses, Nosh made sure he not only got the right face in his frame but also those of sensuality & mischief, amongst other emotions. The most important aspect of this shoot was to get Pooja Pradaan (the muse) to emote the variety of expressions that Nosh wanted to capture through his lens. And Pooja did more than justice to the job. She was at ease and was be able to show off the perfect emotions during the shoot. I must say, a model’s job isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Fashioned with the help of Ruchika Vyas, a young versatile stylist, this shoot would have been incomplete without her exotic creations. Be it her dresses, accessories or embellishments, she has a knack of picking up the right ensemble for creating the perfect look.

Talk about FUN!!! Nosh and his team of stylist, make up artist, lighting technicians, art director, studio assistant and his muse have been just awesome!!!

Thank you guys for the wonderful experience. This was a first for me and I hope it’s not my last!

Take a look at the amazing work done by Nosh & his team.

Morning Glory!

Sizzling Red...

Oh Sexy Lady...

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Flare it up

Nosh & Team1