‘Cheers to 18’ – A Mini Album Celebrating 18th Birthday

Hello there! I’m so excited to share with you this cute little mini album ‘Cheer’s to 18’, I created for the 18th birthday of a pretty girl. This album is cute, fun, simple and perfectly sized for putting together the precious memories from last 18 years.

The teenage years that our kids go through come with many ups and downs that are unique to this age group. When your little one is turning eighteen, it’s all the more special. You want to capture all the special moments and landmarks – the first day of school, turning five and ten years old, graduating from school, and finally, turning eighteen!

Once you touch this golden number of eighteen, life becomes more interesting, it’s eventful, it’s exciting, and has some magical effect on most teenagers. This is exactly what I wanted to create – bring back some of the best memories of her 18 years and leave a beautiful and lasting impact of the wonderful life she’s had so far.

I first gathered all the pictures that her aunt had sent across to create this album. Tried to put it in a chronological order, but seemed difficult as I didn’t have pics from each year. Hence I created a whimsical flow that captured the key milestones and occasions of her life. It took me about two weekends to put it together that includes creating the basic frame, designing and crafting each page with embellishments, die cuts and adding my journaling.

The basic frame of 8 x 8” is made from a simple black A3 size card stock which I folded at various points to create a mini book. I used different patterned papers, die cuts, stickers, washi tape, doilies (my favourite) and pretty embellishments to enhance the look of each page.

Here’s a sneak peek into the mini album:



I wanted to name this album something around celebrating freedom – coz at eighteen you feel like you’ve got wings to fly and everyday is a celebration. “Cheers to 18’ was the perfect name for this album. I love the “Cheers” die cut – it’s so cool! The number 18 is a foam cut numerical which I gave a distress brown look with pigment inks. The mango yellow burlap paper as a background adds that texture to the cover and the mint green doily just creates another layer of beauty. I added some yellow foam stars to complete the look.


The first page is a ‘hello beautiful’ flap that opens to a page with a big family pic and another flap pocket for notes and messages. Just love the colour combinations and cute little bow as the embellishments. I have added lots of tags and extra pop up cards to add messages from friends and family.


Time Flies – Wanted to capture the cute little journey from a baby to a teenager. This page with nine scallop shaped pictures will tell the story! Have added some wildlife circular paper tags as she has been very fond of the wild cat – Tigers. (These tips shared by the mother and aunt did help give a personality to the album) It exactly depicts what the girl stands for.


PARTNERS IN CRIME – I absolutely love this page (created lot of layers with different pattern papers and tags) – talks about the beautiful bonding the girl shares with her aunt. Both of them are literally the best pals or if I may put it they are “Partners in Crime”.


This page is all about her schooling – the first and last day of your child’s school is so special. What I like about this page are the pattern papers that go with the school theme – from the checkered (school uniform)pattern paper to the ruling lines notebook pattern paper, this background just takes you back to the good old school days.


Talking about school and college, how can I miss out on FRIENDSHIP! This ‘besties’ page with those colourful banners is just so girly and cute.


This page is for the rolu polu cute little baby pic when she was barely 8 months. I couldn’t get my eyes off that pic. She looks so adorable – cute little teddy bear you want to embrace!!



And finally my favourite page – The family is a wildlife and birding enthusiast and have taken several trips to various safaris – the best one being the one to SOUTH AFRICA’S Kruger National Park. The layout of the page is outstanding! It has four different boxes (black squares) to showcase some specific pics and one large family pic divided into four strips (leopard print)  to give that best adventure look. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this layout. The other flaps are for more pics and journaling some awesome memories.

Yes! This is it… An exciting album with so many small elements. Had great gun working on this scrapbook.