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Mesmerizing Wall Art…

From the regal ambiance of its elegant palaces to the riveting beauty of its desert, from striking wildlife sanctuaries to its colourful culture, Rajasthan is all wrapped up in splendid beauty.

Rajasthan is a state which has always been very close to my heart.  It is an experience that one will always crave for more. Whenever, I flip through my photo album, I always feel like visiting the state once again, owing to its opulent palaces, magnificent paintings, the excellent blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture, colorful textiles and of course the exotic cuisine.

One thing that stands out amidst all the beautiful offerings of Rajasthan is its Paintings. Intricate, colourful and elaborate; the miniatures, phads, mandanas, folk and wall paintings of Rajasthan are unique and absolutely outstanding.

The wall paintings in the four doorways of the majestic Pritam Niwas Chowk, a courtyard in City Palace, Jaipur; left me awe struck and fascinated.The four brass doorways are adorned with some amazing wall art, each representing a different season and dedicated to a Hindu deity. The  spectacular Peacock Gate at the northeast doorway has some exquisite peacock art of atleast seven variations.The Peacock gate symbolises the autumn season and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, whose marble idol can be seen resting right above the brass door.

The Southwest gate, representing the summer season is called the Lotus Gate predominantly adorned with pink lotus petals. Lotus, being the manifestation of goddess Laxmi, this gate is dedicated to the supreme Devi.

Right opposite the Peacock gate, one can view another stunning gate in lovely shades of green. Named after the dominance of the base colour, this northwest lehariya patterned Green Gate represents the spring season and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

And finally, I reached the winter season Gate dedicated to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati. The vibrant pink roses embellishing this gate create a beautiful pattern that is still fresh in my mind. The outside wall of theRose Gate looks spectacular with patterned pink leaves and golden yellow hibiscus flower.

I literally went berserk admiring these immaculate patterns on each doorway. So stunning and detailed… Truly royal!

Some more inspiring patterns on the Pritam Niwas Chowk doorways…

Well, that’s it for my first post. Will delve into more aspects of paintings, patterns and colours. Hope you all enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed penning it down.

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