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Know Me…

A creativity aficionado, I am Isha – a self confessed designer. Though I do not have any formal training in designing, I have a penchant for anything artistic and inspiring. I am a part of the corporate world, but at heart I am a fabric junkie, an art & craft fanatic, home décor enthusiast and I love dabbling in sewing. Wall paintings, Indian architecture, festivals, culture, hand made collectibles, food and textiles profoundly interest me. Would love to hear from you. Pour in your comments and suggestions to Thanks for visiting my blog!

Food Mania

Welcome to aरtisha…

I am so thrilled to introduce you all to my blog, named “atisha” based on Art, Beauty & Culture. The idea of this blog emanated from my fascination for paintings, Indian architecture, festivals & culture, hand made collectibles, food and textiles. Be it a palace, a saree or a piece of cake …anything that looks immensely picturesque and dramatic, and has a story to say will feature on my blog atisha.

atisha, will be a platform for sharing some exquisite facets of creativity and imagination. So, join me in this ride to explore the beauty of the world through the eyes of atisha